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Here are few words that my clients wrote to describe my services. I want to thank all of you and let you know that I love working with people like yourself. Thank you for your trust in me and your support.


 Here what my happy clients wrote about my services;
*"I have never met a realtor like Mr. Payam Bakhaje. I hired Payam at a critical time when I needed to sale my property in Washington, DC. As an out-of-town seller, he worked with me long distant and had my best interest at hand every step of the way. Even after the sale, Payam makes himself available to answer my questions. I look forward to working with him in the near future as I explore the possibility of taking a job in the Washington, DC area."
-Mr. Nathaniel Lomax Pittsburgh, PA



*Mr. Payam Bakhaje services was outstanding, he stood by and encouraged me during my agony of house hunting night and day—Payam is a friend and very professional I would refer him to anyone who is looking for a great realtor ---I will point them to the direction of Long and Foster, where Mr. Bakhaje office is located.   I look forward in working with him in the future for my next house.

-Denise Law, Member Services Associate

*Payam, I can't thank you enough for facilitating my launch into a new life.  I realize it will take some time to make this into a home that I envision but I'm here and it's all up to me.  I just wanted to get a fresh start and you made that happen for me.  It was somewhat of a dream when I met you in TJMAXX but you got it together for me.  I feel you and I will always be friends.  With your openness and insight you will be very successful and I wish you the best.  My home is open to you whenever you can get away - would love to have you come and visit.
Thanks so much.



 *Payam is the "perfect storm!"  At our first meeting, he had me come to his office to review the entire home buying process, gave me lots of literature to read.  Then I made an appointment to look at homes all over the Maryland area.  He was patient, considerate and professional.  When I found the home I wanted, Payam knew the best price to offer in order for my contract to be accepted.  Once my contract had been accepted, that's when the real fun began!

 My home purchase, a "short sale," was far from the perfect home buying experience.   Everyday there was a new disaster.  But Payam dealt with each obstacle as a consummate professional, resolving each and every one.  I truly felt as if I was his only client.  Each and every phone call, and each and every e-mail was promptly returned.  The real estate market has changed significantly in this past year, too many changes for the average homebuyer to keep up with since most of us only purchase a home a few times during our lifetime.  But Payam stays educated and informed.  He is constantly challenging himself. 

 Of course, thanks to Payam, I had a happy ending!  I am in the home I always dreamed of!  When going through the most important purchase of your life, you need to feel that the person you are working with has your best interests in mind and that they are knowledgeable.  I found his services to be superb.  He is the standard to which every real estate agent should aspire to!  Payam, thanks for everything! 


 In the spring of 2009 I decided to purchase my first home, and was put in contact with Payam by chance. As a first time home buyer, I'm still amazed at what a wonderful experience it all was, mostly because of the hard work Payam put in to assist in my purchase. At our first meeting, Payam gave me his "home buyer's presentation", detailing the entire home buying process, the risks associated with it, and everything else to consider before making my decision. I could tell immediately that he had a wealth of knowledge, and his experience in the area was deep. The following Sunday Payam took me to see 10 to 15 different homes, and was somehow able to get a sense of what I wanted before I even knew. A week later, he had found the perfect place for me in Colombia Heights, at exactly the price I was looking for. The home had been on the market less than 24 hours, and was immediately recognized by Payam as a real deal. He even drove an hour out into Maryland to meet the seller's agent and deliver our offer in person, if that's not dedication, I don't know what is. Shortly after, the seller was flooded with offers, but due to Payam's diligence, I was first in line. From the offer's acceptance to closing, Payam stayed on top of everything that needed to be done, and made what can often be a hectic and stressful time go as smoothly as could be. Since closing, I have never been happier with my decision, and would recommend Payam to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the real estate market. Thanks Payam!

-Nicholas Leonard


* I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I
appreciate your services as I purchased my first home.  I found your
guidance and level of expertise priceless.  I had encountered far too
many agents, before working with you, that were too busy to work on my
schedule.  You made sure to accommodate my needs (even when I was
being difficult) and I am grateful.  This distinguishes you from most
other real estate agents.

I was also impressed with your extensive knowledge of the area from
Shaw eastward to Eckington and your record of success in closing deals
in these areas despite the stiff competition at some price points.
This was my desired area of focus and not many agents have as much
knowledge of these neighborhoods as you.

I knew you were an exceptional agent when you were willing to meet me
at 9pm on a Wednesday because a house just came on the market that
seemed perfect for me.  When I told you I wanted to buy it you stayed
up till midnight with me writing the offer.

As you know, that contract was accepted at my lowest price the very
next morning!  There were multiple offers presented in just one day of
the house being on the market but you managed to negotiate that the
sellers accept my offer with all of my contingencies, at my price, and
with the closing cost concessions I requested!  This point must
emphasized because while the housing market has taken a serious hit,
the houses I wanted and in the price range I was looking for,
competition was robust and many times deals were elusive. Sellers were
typically favoring buyers with 100% cash with no contingencies.

While I did ultimately close on this house, the road to closing was
long and complicated.  During this process, you gave me so much of
your time that I felt like I was your only client.  However, I know
that your life was busy and that you were forced to rearrange it
multiple times to address the difficulties that cropped up while we
tried to reach settlement.

You worked effectively with the listing agent, two title companies,
and all of the utility companies to help me navigate what turned out
to be a very complicated purchase.  Not only that, you helped me
secure financing that addressed my unique situation with terms that
were extremely favorable to me.  By closing, I got everything that I
wanted in terms of financing rate and type, significant concessions
from the seller, and ensuring the condition of the property was what I
wanted by the time I took possession.

I will be happy to recommend your services to all of my friends who
are looking to purchase or sell a house.  You are an exceptional
professional that displayed poise, experience, and knowledge
throughout the process.



*"I was VERY pleasantly surprised with the services Payam provided.  To say the least, he went above and beyond the call in selling my home.  He is practical, principled and professional.  I highly recommend his services."

-Ben Clark

* Payam was a heaven-sent!  My husband and I met him when we were looking at a rental townhome.  We told him that we were actually looking at rent-to-own homes and he advised us that we should really look into homeownership instead.  We got his information, met up with him and our journey began.  What we love about Payam is his professionalism, honesty and the push he gave us to get things going (which is what we really needed).  He eased our concerns and always looked out for our best interest.  He remained our advocate and negotiated for us for things that we thought were beyond his job description.  As first-time homebuyers, he kept us well-informed of the entire process which made it easier for us to understand what we were getting into.  Now that we are in our dream home, he continues to make sure that all is well.  All in all, if there is ever an award for the best realtor in town, Payam definitely deserves that award!  

-Wayne & Santa Green 




* Payam did everything to help me; including taking me to the hardware stores to select the appliances and fixtures I needed. I also used workers that he recommended, all of whom did excellent work. He was always in touch and willing to do anything to help me get my house ready.

Payam and his team did a wonderful job of staging my house. It never looked so good. He constructed the listing in such a way to elicit offers within a week. I had at least five offers in the first week and selected one of them. Despite the fact that my open house was during one of the snowstorms of this past winter, I still had a contract on my house within a week. 

I attribute the fast sell to Payam and his team of workers to and his skill in selling the property.

 - John Koran


*I was extremely satisfied working with you. As I have mentioned to you, you were not the only agent I was informally working with. But as I grew to know you, I ended up working only with you. Some of the good things that compelled me are your dedication to the job, how seriously you were taking my case, your flexibility, high professionalism and above all honest opinions. 

 I don't really have anything to say as to what you need to improve. Sorry about that. But I can tell you that you are on the right track that pays you big time in the long run.

 Thanks for everything and our friendship will continue for the coming many many years.





*I met Payam through a referral and have found him to be conscientious, hardworking and dedicated to his client’s needs. He is someone who communicates well and that enables him to deliver a degree of service which is superior and that you deserve.  


 -Dave Viertels  - Mortgage Origination at Mid Atlantic Federal Credit Union



* Payam is an excellent real estate agent. He is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond for his clients. He always makes himself available to his clients and I will always keep him in mind when I have a potential short sale customer or if I am looking into a home for myself. I would recommend him first and foremost for any of your real estate needs.

 -Diana Grueva Executive VP of Operations at ATC Legal and Financial


* Payam is an excellent realtor and a professional that loves to help people on finding their dream home. He is energetic and truly professional when it comes to Real State. If you are thinking on buying or selling a home; you should check Payam @ DC Realty online.

- Wilberto Rivera"


* Payam is a hard-working, detailed oriented Realtor who goes the extra mile for his clients. Aggressive and diligent, whether representing the Seller or Buyer, he always fights for his client's best interest.

Robert C. Morris, III Senior Acquisition Analyst




* Payam went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us find our home. I highly recommend him!!

-Stevi Steines Law Clerk

Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


* Payam helped me find both my first and second houses. Because of my busy schedule, his ability to run things down was crucial to both deals going through. One was a foreclosure that required a lot of title work and back and forth with the bank. Payam handled everything with ease and his advice saved me tens of thousands of dollars. I highly recommend Payam for anyone looking for a new home.

Rex Winter Associate at Miller & Chevalier

Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


* Payam is an extremely hard worker, and stops at nothing to aid his clients with accomplishing their real estate goals.

Greg Scholl Mortgage Banker at Prosperity Mortgage Company


* Payam Bakhaje is a terrific real estate agent. We have worked with him in two capacities: as leasing agent for our commercial space, and as an advisor for residential property management. In all instances, Payam has been professional, efficient, and successful in providing the services we needed.

As leasing agent, he advertised our commercial space, identified and vetted a number of quality potential tenants, and (in consultation with us as property owners) negotiated a successful long term lease. The result has been the opening of a terrific cafe in our commercial space, a very substantial investment by the tenant to fit out the space, and reliable and satisfactory lease payments. We could not be more happy with the outcome.

Payam is genuinely concerned with the long-term success of his customers. He makes regular communication on his own initiative to insure this is true, well after the transaction is complete. We recommend him whole heartedly for anyone looking for residential or commercial real estate or property management services.

We are happy to speak to anyone seeking a reference for Payam.


and Ondine Wells, Owners
City Life Consulting LLC and Old City Property Management"